Is assimilated into the substance of the person eating it; transposing this onto the mystical plane

August 14th 2016
Since the food we eat every day is given to us by the Creator, it is imbued with his life. So how is it that this food, which is divine, does not make the wicked better people? It is because we each transform the food into something of our own nature. A saint, an initiate, will eat the same food but transform it into light, love and goodness. So it all depends on the state of the person who eats it. Wicked people will remain wicked and even become worse, and good people will continue to improve. This is a law: all creatures absorb food into their own substance and transform it, and this law applies to the spiritual as well as the physical plane. This is why the one desire of mystics and initiates is to offer themselves in sacrifice to the Lord to be absorbed by him. They know that in absorbing them the Lord will flood them with his light and transform them.