A definition: any influence on a being or object

August 16th 2016
Any activity – a movement, a feeling, a thought, a word – however insignificant it may appear, necessarily produces good or bad effects. This is why it can be said that magic is the foremost science. All it takes to enter the realm of magic is a movement, an influence, an imprint, a vibration. Each time anyone has an effect on a person or a thing, he or she performs an act of magic. And yet people look, speak, think, have desires and feelings and make gestures without realizing that all the forces they trigger when they do so are magical forces. Often, in their ignorance, they may set in motion negative currents, which end up rebounding on them, and when they are gripped and shaken by them they do not understand what is happening to them. So it is important for everyone to learn to work on their own thoughts, feelings, words and gestures and the way they look at others, so that the forces they release with each physical or psychic activity produce only beneficial effects – beneficial for them, but also for all other creatures in the world.