Nature spirits

Having a respectful attitude towards them

August 19th 2016
As soon as you leave town, nature is all around you. So, wherever you go – to forests, riverbanks, lakes, the sea, mountains – try to act like children of God who aspire to a more beautiful, subtle and light-filled life. Do not be careless or neglectful; show that you are aware of the presence of the beings living in these places. Nature is a sanctuary inhabited by etheric creatures that deserve to be approached with respect. So begin by greeting them, show them friendship and love, and tell them how much you appreciate their work. These creatures, which can sense you from a distance, are so filled with wonder at your attitude that they are ready to pour their blessings upon you: blessings of peace, light and pure energy. You then feel bathed, enveloped, in the atmosphere emanating from these spiritual beings, and when you return home you bring with you a whole wealth of revelations, of richer and more expansive thoughts and feelings.