True self

In a human being merges with the divine

August 20th 2016
When people say ‘I’, do they really know always who they are referring to? When they say, ‘I am… (unwell or well, unhappy or happy), I want… (money, a car, a woman), I have… (such and such a wish, taste or opinion), they think it is really about them, but that is where they are wrong. As humans have never analysed themselves thoroughly to get to know their true nature, they identify constantly with the ‘I’ represented by their physical body, their instincts, desires, feelings and thoughts. But now, if they try to find themselves through study and meditation, they will discover that beyond appearances their true self is one with God himself. For in reality there isn’t a multitude of separate beings but rather a single Being working in all his creatures, giving them life and manifesting through them – even if they don’t know it. When humans are able to sense this reality, they will come closer to the divine Source, which is their origin.