Are foods it is best not to take in

August 21st 2016
Every day we are faced with temptations. To be tempted is to receive an influence. And what is an influence? A current that tries to enter us, so a kind of food. There are good influences, but there are also bad ones, and it is not always possible to prevent negative currents from bursting in. But once they are in, we must do all we can to transform them. If we succumb, if we give in to a moment of weakness, our inner tribunal notes that we have been unable to assimilate these substances, and they will reappear one way or another in the form of psychological or even physical problems. If we do not allow poisoned food in, there is no risk of it giving rise to problems, so we should be careful not to let it in. But this is not always possible, so if we do happen to open the door to it, we must work at transforming it so that it can be digested and absorbed.