To our problems often require great effort

August 29th 2016
All your prayers and all the questions you ask yourself are answered within. If you do not hear these answers, it is because you have surrounded yourself with dense, opaque layers by indulging in thoughts, feelings, desires and actions that were not inspired by love, wisdom and truth. Start to bring down these walls and you will be able to hear. Now, of course, it may also be the case that the answer you receive will not be very easy to accept. When you are wrestling with an inextricable situation and wondering how to get out of it, you tend to imagine that a solution will appear and extricate you, as if by magic. Well no, the solution may require a great deal of effort on your part. But don’t back away from it; if it really is the solution, even if it is painful it is better than all the uncertainty and anxiety you have been experiencing so far. For you can be certain that your suffering will not go away until you are willing to make this effort.