Take stock

Periodically of one’s life

September 4th 2016
It is good to pause periodically to take stock of one’s life. Why? Because too often, the lives people lead, day in, day out, become heavy and dark, because they amass more and more concerns and activities of all kinds that offer nothing to their soul and spirit. Affected by the atmosphere around them, people forget that they are on earth only for a short time and will have to leave behind all their material acquisitions, their titles and their social positions. You will say that everyone knows that they are on earth for a short time. Yes, everyone knows, but often they forget. And, even disciples of an initiatic school are swayed: they become less vigilant and allow themselves to become obsessed by the wealth and success they see around them. So it is essential for them to pause from time to time and to look back, to look at where they are going now and what activities they are getting involved in, and to sort through them every so often to make sure they only keep what is essential.