Sexual force

Only a spiritual ideal can sublimate it

September 5th 2016
Do not try to fight against sexual energy, for not only will you be unable to overcome it, but it will get the better of you. The only way to control it is to find yourself an ally, a very powerful associate, towards whom you direct this force and to whom you devote it. Using alchemical knowledge, your ally will succeed in turning it into light, beauty and health. And who is this ally? A high ideal, a sublime idea you live with, cherishing and nurturing it. This idea alone is able to transform such energy – you cannot. If you focus on your ideal when you feel a sexual impulse you want to control, the energy rises to your brain to feed it. A few minutes later, you win the battle, and not only are you free but you feel strengthened and inspired. If you develop the habit of focusing all your energies on a divine ideal, instead of getting the better of you, they will serve you and help you realize your ideal.