Help from god

We will find it within

September 12th 2016
When humans go through hardships, when they suffer, that is when they question themselves most about God – does he exist, what is his will, but especially, will he come to their aid? And many complain that they receive neither answers nor help. Why? Because they are asking themselves these questions as if God were a being completely exterior to them. When they understand that God lives within them, they will maintain their connection with him through all the hard times, and they will feel guided, enlightened and supported. Those who are suffering often feel very lonely and abandoned by everyone. Then why must they also lose, through their own neglect and ignorance, the only true help and comfort they can receive? This help and this comfort are to be found in the presence of God within them. And when they pray, they are addressing not only the Creator of heaven and earth, a being so distant they cannot even imagine him, but also a power living in them, with which they should never lose contact.