Its spiritual dimension

September 13th 2016
You eat some fruit, and once this food has been digested and assimilated it helps to keep your whole body in good working order. What is this Intelligence capable of bringing each organ in our body what it needs to keep us alive? We cannot help but be filled with wonder. Thanks to this food, you will continue to see, hear, breathe, taste, touch, speak, sing and walk. And even your hair, your nails, your teeth, your skin, and so on, will benefit from it. How can we not be overcome with admiration at this Intelligence? From now on, you should give it more thought and show it gratitude. The most important thing about food is not the substance of the food itself but the energy it contains, the quintessence locked inside it, for that is where life is to be found. The substance is only a medium; through it we must try to reach the quintessence, in order to also nourish our subtle bodies. If we think we eat solely to feed our physical body, we are wrong: we also eat to nourish our heart, mind, soul and spirit.