Once you have found it within, you encounter it in every being

September 17th 2016
Once a man or a woman has truly found their soulmate, that is, has found their complementary principle within, they keep feeling they are meeting this principle in all creatures. They love all the women and all the men on earth; they love them spiritually, and they are happy, because they are fulfilled by their soulmate. They no longer experience the emptiness for which they constantly feel they have to find a cure. They feel enriched by every encounter they have. Yes, when you have achieved inner fulfilment, you find your complementary principle in every being. Such experiences cannot be explained or expressed. Only those who have had them can understand them. But what a long way there is to go until then! Always suffering and being disappointed, always looking for someone and not finding them… Until you realize you have your soulmate within. And when you do find your soulmate within, you find it everywhere.