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Attract corresponding energies

September 18th 2016
Everything you experience in your inner life has consequences. Why? Because the nature of each thought, feeling and desire has the ability to attract corresponding matter from space. Thus, good thoughts, good feelings and good desires that are supported by a strong will, attract particles of pure, eternal, incorruptible matter. Work each day to attract this subtle matter from space. All the particles you attract will find a home in you, and at the same time they will chase away all the old dull, sickly particles. This is how you regenerate your physical, etheric, astral and mental bodies. And as each particle of matter is linked to a corresponding energy, the purer the matter the more it vibrates and attracts forces of a spiritual nature. So, as you replace the ageing particles in your body with new, purer particles, you attract currents and forces from the heavenly regions.