Serves as food for entities in the invisible world

September 21st 2016
Even the most ignorant human being knows that blood is an infinitely precious liquid and that someone who loses their blood loses their life too. As long as it circulates within the body, blood is protected, as if sealed in a container. But as soon as it escapes from the body, for whatever reason, it evaporates like all liquids; that is, its etheric particles disperse into space. And these particles are alive: they retain something of the elements which make blood the bearer of life, and because of this they serve as food for invisible entities. Yes, it has been known since time immemorial that blood has the property of releasing effluvia on which invisible entities feed. When people are injured, they lose blood. But since nothing is lost in the universe, while they do in effect lose their blood, there will always be entities to nourish themselves on the effluvia given off by the few drops of blood. So if you do lose blood, don’t let it dry, or don’t get rid of it, without having dedicated it mentally to the spirits of light in the invisible world, for they will know how to use it for their work. Nothing is lost in the universe; there will always be entities to nourish themselves on the life given off by a few drops of blood.