Truth, a

Is only truly known if it is put into practice

September 24th 2016
Surely you have had a truth revealed to you, one that overwhelms you, just like an illumination. With lightning speed, something from the world of spirit passed through you and overturned all your previous convictions and ways of perceiving the world. You feel that from then on nothing will ever be the same as before... Yes, but it’s not as simple as you may think. An overwhelming event has taken place, but to feel your entire being shaken by a revelation does not mean it has so penetrated your psychic matter that you are immediately able to live in accordance with it. You have been dazzled, you have understood a mystery, you have seen the truth, but this is not enough to transform you. Don’t be surprised if all sorts of signs in your everyday behaviour demonstrate that this is not yet entirely the case. Only when you succeed in manifesting through your actions what this truth revealed to you, can you really understand it.