Descend into it and give it life

September 26th 2016
Spirituality does not consist in scorning matter, but in descending into it to give it life and organize it. And by ‘matter’ we should also mean the physical body. If we neglect it, under the pretext of devoting ourselves to the nobler functions of the mind, soul and spirit, these functions will also decline little by little. We mustn’t leave our physical body in the same state as an abandoned house that ends up being used for shelter by insects and nocturnal birds. On the contrary, its owner must take the time to clean it, maintain it, make it more flexible and alive. When we descend into matter with this intention, it is never a fall. But we must know precisely how to distinguish between a descent and a fall. To descend into matter is one thing, to fall into it, another. We must descend into matter with the aim of animating and enlightening it, so that we make our body the dwelling place of the living God.