A cure: a sense of wonder before the work of the divine

January 21st 2011
In moments of discouragement, artists (painters, composers, poets, novelists, playwrights, etc.) have been known to destroy some of their masterpieces. This is a shame, for they harm themselves and also deprive humanity of something great and beautiful. The reason for their action is that they have remained too focused on themselves, on their difficulties, anxieties and torments. They have been unable to go beyond the limits of their ego to make contact with all that is good and beautiful in humans and in nature. This is the only attitude that could have protected them and prevented them from turning their dissatisfaction against their work. Like artists, those on a spiritual path can go through periods of discouragement, for they walk a difficult path, and they must know how to protect themselves. How? By looking with wonder on the works of God and the servants of God. Thanks to this feeling of elation, they cure the despondency, even the despair, that their own imperfections can inspire in them.