Living chain of beings, the

Making a conscious connection with them

October 1st 2016
We are closely connected to the beings above us: the angels and archangels, up to God himself. And we are also closely connected to the beings below us: the animals, plants and stones. You will understand this connection and the way it works better if you look at the ascending and descending currents in the trunk of a tree: the ascending current carries the raw sap up to the leaves where it is transformed into phloem sap, while the descending current carries the phloem sap which nourishes the tree with organic substances. In the cosmic tree, human beings are situated on the path of these two currents and they must therefore learn to work consciously with them. When they are able to attract wisdom, light and love of heaven, they distribute them to beings situated below them, connected to them, down to the mineral realm. Then, thanks to another current, they are once again a conduit for the forces moving upwards from the mineral world right up to the superior realms of creation. Those who consciously connect with this living chain of beings, will be filled with joy, light and peace.