Teaching of the creative spirit, the

Affords us independence from conditions

October 2nd 2016
In order to survive on the physical plane, we, as human beings, must receive everything we need from the external world. We would be unable to live without the elements that the earth, water, air and the sun provide for us. We are creatures, and all creatures have to get what they need from outside themselves in order to survive. Only the Creator is above this law – he has no need of anything external to himself since he is life. But since within each creature, the Creator left a particle of himself, a spark, a spirit, of the same nature as himself, thanks to this spirit that inhabits them, each creature can also become creators themselves. And so, instead of always waiting for everything to come to them from outside, human beings have the ability to act within, by means of their thoughts, willpower, and spirit, and to capture the elements they need to support their physical life and especially their psychic life. This is why the teaching of the initiates has always been the teaching of the creative spirit. Those who accept this teaching will always be strong and independent and, for they will rise above the conditions imposed upon them by destiny.