Its foundation: to serve god in ourselves

October 7th 2016
What does serving God really mean? As long as humans consider God as a being outside of themselves, this expression cannot be correctly understood. Those who place themselves in the service of God know that they give up their freedom, and it is only natural that, for some people, the idea of serving a power they cannot locate, or that may not even exist, is inacceptable. In truth, those who do put themselves in the service of God do not serve a being outside of themselves; that it why it is impossible to lose their freedom – they in fact gain freedom. That is the very foundation of religion. The idea of serving God only has meaning if human beings realize that the Divinity they must serve lives in their soul. The more they dedicate themselves to it, the closer they come to it and the more they can be in communication with it. Their work enables them to dissolve the dross that their thoughts, feelings and lower desires have accumulated within them. And so they gradually discover the quintessence of their being, which is the very quintessence of God.