Brotherhood, universal

This idea is gold

July 30th 2011
Anything you do solely for your personal satisfaction cannot be lasting. You may get what you want, but it will eventually rebound on you. You think you are grasping it securely, and then it escapes. You thought it was gold, and now it has turned to lead. Cosmic Intelligence wants to teach humans and so does not allow them to succeed in their selfish endeavours. So why, you will say, does it allow them a modicum of success if they are soon to lose what they have acquired? Because it wants them to really ponder the lesson and understand what is worth seeking, what is worth working at. And what is worth working at is the idea of universal brotherhood. If you love this idea, if you are faithful to it and nourish it and focus all your willpower on achieving it, being true gold it will fulfil your heart and soul forever.