Surpassing oneself

A daily exercise

October 10th 2016
There is something in human beings that drives them to surpass themselves. Take mountaineers for example: what makes them attempt the ascent of ever higher and more inaccessible peaks? What makes swimmers and runners swim and run faster and faster? What makes chess players reflect for hours at a time before moving a pawn on the chessboard? Nothing, it is they themselves who feel compelled to undertake these feats and solve these problems. And what joy they experience each time they succeed! This is why human beings have invented so many activities, games and competitions of every kind! It clearly demonstrates that in the depths of their being they feel the need to continually push their limits further and further. But why doesn’t it occur to them use the same qualities of endurance, skill and intelligence they are able to use in games and competitions, in their everyday lives? When it comes to daily life, why do they always complain they have to make an effort?