We must combat its heaviness every day

October 12th 2016
Every day we must fight against our own darkness, our own sluggishness. Yes, we must struggle every day. You might say, ‘But how long will this go on?’ As long as human beings incarnate on earth, they will have to take on a body and because this body is by nature heavy and coarse, it cannot escape the laws of matter. Only when they finally cut their connections to the earth at the end of their evolution will they escape this crushing weight and darkness. But as long as human beings are on earth, they must accept that something within them will always be under the influence of matter. You might say, ‘So then, if matter has so much control over us, what can we do?’ First be aware of the limitations it imposes on us, but at the same time try to fight and overcome them. And, through prayer and meditation, cling with all our might to our heavenly father who created us, love him, have faith and hope in him. This is the only way to slowly free ourselves from matter’s grip.