Corresponding elements in us

October 14th 2016
Your feelings frequently bear no relation to the objective reality of the present moment! At any time of day and amid the worst difficulties, you may experience an inner dawn, because your consciousness has moved to a region where the sun is actually rising, and you are receiving its rays. But of course, the opposite can also occur. The more you know how to observe yourself, the better you will understand the different phenomena of your psychic life that replicate what occurs in nature: the dawns and dusks, clear blue skies and storms, heat and cold, drought and mist. It is so important to learn that kind of meteorology too! Even if you are not aware of it, your inner life is a world made up of substances and materials that cannot be weighed or touched, yet that are very real. The day you come to feel the reality of that invisible world, you will feel yourself in a new dimension.