Master, a spiritual

The limits of his influence

October 15th 2016
If you are looking for a spiritual guide, you should at least be aware of what to expect from one. A spiritual master will do all they can to open up the path that is in your best interest to follow. But the desire to walk on that path can only come from you. A master cannot make you love the spiritual life; that depends on you, not on them. Of course, they can influence you to a certain degree, the way a friend who loves music or poetry can influence you. Influence is a law of nature: human beings and all creatures, animals, flowers or even stones and objects influence us by imparting to us something of the elements they possess without our knowing it. So it is possible that a small part of your Master’s love for the splendour of the divine world may well be transmitted to you. But if you are not ready to accept this influence, nothing can force you. Loving the spiritual life depends entirely on you.