Imprint, the divine

That every human being carries within

October 16th 2016
Human beings are like seeds cast into the world by the creator, each imprinted with the image of divine perfection. This is the meaning of the verse in Genesis which says that God created man in his image. And what is the destiny of a seed? To germinate and grow until it becomes a tree. We are all seeds produced by the creator, meaning that we are potential divinities. And by ceaselessly striving each day to improve the various expressions of ourselves, we will one day become divinities. To be a seed is magnificent in itself, but it is even better to become a tree with roots, a trunk, branches, leaves, flowers and fruits. Keep this image of the tree within you, for if you work to come closer and closer to divine perfection – to this perfection already imprinted somewhere within you, as it is in the seed – you will, one day, become a tree of life.