Debts towards nature, our

How to pay them

October 19th 2016
The elements that make up our body and everything that keeps us alive – water, food, the air we breathe, the light and warmth of the sun, the materials we make our clothes from, our houses, our tools, and so on – we owe everything to nature. Some people can be very proud of their talents and their ingenuity, and rightly so, but where do they source the materials they need for making their instruments and machines or even their works of art? From nature. Nature gives us everything. But somewhere details are kept of what we take. These are debts we incur from nature, and we must settle them. How? With a currency called respect, gratitude, love and the willingness to study everything written in nature’s great book. Paying means giving something in exchange, and all the good our heart, our intelligence, our soul and our spirit are capable of producing can be considered payment. On the physical plane we are limited, and nature will not ask us to give back the food, water, air or sunrays we have enjoyed, but the spiritual plane presents us with infinite possibilities, so that we can repay even a hundredfold everything we have received.