Heaven and hell

Two regions in us, divided, symbolically speaking, by the diaphragm

July 31st 2011
Before being regions of the invisible world as described by religion, heaven and hell are two forms of life found within ourselves. The life of hell is dark, murky; symbolically, it is the life of the digestive tract, the stomach and the sexual organs. The life of heaven is subtle, pure, filled with light; symbolically, it is the life of the lungs, the heart and the brain. The heaven and hell within us are separated by the diaphragm, but the structure of our body tells us they must work together. Only, we should always ensure that the upper part controls the lower, that our consciousness sets up home in the upper part. Then hell will provide the materials, the brute force, which heaven will command and make prolific. So, strive to live in your heaven, and from there learn to command the forces of your hell.