Intellect, the

Its limitations

October 24th 2016
The intellect is a good instrument for studying and exploring matter, but it is not always the best of guides. Why? Not only does it have a limited perception of reality, but most importantly, behind everything it decides to undertake there is a hidden motive, a selfish, calculated interest that will always end up causing disturbances. What happens to those who are led by their intellect? The moment they make a sacrifice or a gesture of generosity, they regret it; they think they were foolish to listen to the advice of their heart or their soul. The intellect is not able to imagine how brotherhood can be achieved amongst humans, how can the earth become one family and how the whole world can live in peace and harmony. It is not able to rise high enough to discover the true remedies, the true solutions. What it thinks up and puts forward from its incomplete and egocentric viewpoint is always partial and flawed and will solve nothing in the long run. Solutions exist for all problems humans are faced with, but in order to find them we must also appeal to our heart, soul and spirit.