Its benefits, even to those who have the impression it has nothing much to offer

October 26th 2016
Some people complain that spiritual practice does not have much to offer them. But how would they be if they had never made any effort to discipline their inner life? At least, the few rules they try to apply and the exercises they do set them on the right track for health, peace and hope. Should they give up their spiritual practice, they would soon see whether things were any better! Since the day you were born, you breathe, you eat, you sleep, and you say it has made you no more intelligent, rich or powerful. But stop breathing, stop eating and stop sleeping, and then see where you will be – in the graveyard! We eat, we drink and we see no changes. But if we had not eaten or drunk, then there certainly would have been great changes! So, do not say that spirituality has nothing to offer. It sustains you, it keeps you on the right path, and at least you are still alive; at least you still have hope and light. If you don’t feel invigorated with all this light, how would things be without it?