Unease, psychic

Exercises to strengthen oneself inwardly

November 6th 2016
Daily life never fails to present us all with occasions for being worried, sad or discouraged, does it? But you have to react. Rather than sit there and do nothing except stuff yourself with pills and tire people out with your complaints, forgetting that they too face the same difficulties, try to work with your thoughts and your imagination. See yourself surrounded by light, imagine you are sending out love to the whole world, that you are overcoming every obstacle. Gradually those images you are forming will come alive, will have an effect on your consciousness, will transform you, and at the same time they will attract suitable elements from the universe to become part of you. At first, you will not feel the effect of these exercises for very long and you will have to repeat them frequently. But one day the result will be there for good, you will not be able to doubt it: you will feel a living entity above you, protecting you, teaching you, purifying you, lighting your way and bringing you the support you need in difficult situations.