The influence our thoughts and feelings have on it

November 7th 2016
During meals, your preoccupations often have nothing to do with the act of eating, have they? Well, from now on, try to notice what you have just put on your plate, and at least say, ‘Thank you, Lord, for the fact that I am able to taste you through this life-giving food.’ A grateful thought or a loving feeling has a very beneficial effect on the salivary glands. Once activated, these glands secrete chemical elements which extract the subtle energies contained in food. It is not the stomach, but the tongue and the mouth that capture the quintessence of food thanks to our thoughts and feelings and send it to the brain, and the whole nervous system. Even before the food reaches the stomach and the intestines, the body has already absorbed its etheric elements, those that bring vitality, so that we feel regenerated.