How to be free of them

November 13th 2016
To weaken a group of people and impose yourself on them, you only need to cause division among them. The harmful effects of division is well known in politics, socially, at work and in the family. But in the inner realm, they haven’t been studied enough. Those who doubt create division within themselves. It is as if they were trying to go in two directions at once. They are bound to falter. You might say that it is not always easy to acquire the kind of certainty that allows you to resolutely follow an inner direction. I know, but to escape from destructive doubt, there is a method which involves going deep within, while telling oneself, ‘Right now I am unaware, I haven’t the intuition and the clarity needed to see the situation clearly, but I won’t let it bother me or paralyze me. I place my trust in the good, in the light, and will continue to act with honesty, selflessness and courage.’ If you know how to remain in this state of mind, you will ultimately overcome every doubt.