Moon, waxing and waning

How to use these two periods

November 15th 2016
Each month we see the moon wax and wane in the sky. The period of the waxing moon is favourable to start undertaking things, because according to the law of analogy that rules the universe, it is the time when the growth process is enhanced in the whole of nature. You can make your plans at any time, but once the decision is taken, its realisation must begin with the waxing moon; whereas to bring an undertaking to an end, it is best to choose the time when the moon is waning. If you would like to enhance your health or some quality, some virtue in you, in the first days of the waxing moon, after nightfall, look at the moon, raise your right hand and say, ‘Just as the moon is waxing in the heavens, may my whole being be filled with strength, love and light, so that I may become a true servant of God.’ Say this three times. As for the time of the waning moon, you can use it to work on particular faults you wish to correct – then you say the corresponding formula, which you also repeat three times with your hand raised.