An illusion that you can reap when you have not sown

November 18th 2016
You don’t know how to distinguish superstition from faith? Well, here are some definitions: to be superstitious is to think you will be able to reap when you have not sown; true faith, on the other hand, is to know that when you have sown you will reap, in this life or in another, or even through your children. So it is very simple. If you sow good seeds in fertile ground, at a favourable time, they will germinate and grow. It may happen that a few will be lost, but most of them will grow and bear fruit. So many people have never worked in the realm of the mind, the feelings or the body, yet they hope to reap! And when faced with failure, they cry out that human beings, or fate, are unfair. But who is at fault? Those who sow and plant will never be disappointed. Those who are disappointed were expecting impossible harvests; they were being superstitious in a way.