Human beings

Study them on the cosmic tree

August 3rd 2011
You have just picked a fruit… If you had the equipment for observing it, you would see it is different from how it was on the tree, when all the life force coursed through it and it received sap, to which the whole universe contributed its work. As soon as you pick it, you cut it off from the cosmic currents. It is the same with human beings: they should be studied when they are still connected to the cosmic Tree, whose fruit they are, because then they are alive, rich and radiant. This is why science cannot know them – it wants to study humans when they have been cut or have fallen from the tree of life; it is merely studying their corpse. You will say, ‘Yes, but at least then you can dissect them to see what they are made of. Whereas when they are alive, you can’t.’ Well, precisely; this is proof that you have to find other ways of studying humans without cutting them up, so you can study them live and whole. And there are ways! Once you have them, you will discover all the subtle currents circulating in humans and connecting them to the whole of the universe.