Talisman, a

Is only effective if it is reinforced by our own life

November 20th 2016
Many people wear talismans (a medallion, a cross, a symbol) convinced that they will be aided and protected! Well, no, owning a talisman, however powerful, is not enough to ensure the help and protection of entities from the invisible realm. You can only count on the power of a talisman if you work spiritually and physically in harmony with what it represents, with what it contains in terms of powers and virtues. It is like a creature who needs to be given the food suited to it, and your emanations are this food. If it is imbued with purity, you have to live a pure life; if it is imbued with light, you have to nurture the light in you; if it is imbued with strength, you must work to overcome your weaknesses, and so on. No cross, no medallion, no symbol can protect you, even if it has been blessed, unless you also wear it within you in the form of divine qualities and virtues.