Aggression and sexuality

Mastering them makes us stronger

November 24th 2016
Those who are not able to control their anger are not aware that it is a force that has travelled a long way to find its way into them. They even believe, for a moment at least, that this powerful current lends them something of its power. But this is an illusion, for the current itself is powerful, not the person through whom it travels. And so after it has gone through them, the poor unfortunate people find themselves so weak that everything in them is trembling – their jaw, their legs, their hands. Disciples of an initiatic school have understood that it is by mastering the currents of energy that surge through them and by seeking to transform them, that they acquire true power. And the same is true of sexual energy – we strengthen ourselves considerably by mastering it. And so initiates who have learnt to master the aggressive instinct as well as the sexual instinct have so much energy available for thinking and speaking to enlighten and help other beings.