School of life, the

Does not accept carelessness or laziness

November 26th 2016
The difficulties and obstacles placed on our path are meant to strengthen us, not to destroy us. But it is up to us to win the support of this life force by learning to work with it. Why is it that something arduous and painful to some is neither arduous nor painful to others? Just as in school, while there are pupils who complete an exercise easily in a few minutes and are given a very good mark, others struggle and are given a very poor one. Every day life presents us with problems to solve, and we must try to do so by finding answers within. Those who merely sidestep problems or run away from them will find life catches up with them later on, and it will be increasingly difficult for them to face hardships, for they will not have steadily learnt the lesson for the day. Just as in school, the careless lazy pupil isn’t able to catch up. Learn to see each hardship as an exercise, a problem to be solved. The strength, faith and love you will feel growing in you each time you succeed will be like diplomas granted by life itself.