Instead of desperately trying to fight them, endeavour to create your future

November 27th 2016
It is not enough to want to correct your faults, you have to know how to go about it. If you persist in struggling against your baser instincts and do so in vain, you will suffer and become discouraged. So, rather than dwelling on weaknesses and shortcomings resulting from old bad habits, concentrate rather on what you can do that is positive for the future and say, ‘Now I am going to repair everything, rebuild everything.’ With unshakable faith and absolute conviction, use all the tools God gave you – your thoughts, your feelings, your imagination – and start forming the most beautiful images in your mind. Try to see yourself in the midst of music, of light, of the sun, of perfect forms, with qualities, virtues, kindness, generosity, with opportunities to give others your support, to help them, to bring them light. How many times have I said this to you – everything is recorded. And since that is the case, become used to recording the best there is. If you begin this work, not only will you feel that your faults are gradually being neutralized, but also that they are becoming an endless source of inspiration.