Destiny, the

Of the world does not depend on human beings, but on higher entities

November 28th 2016
The destiny of a country is not in the hands of politicians, however powerful they may be. They might for a time delude themselves and delude others that it is so, but not for very long. All those who imagined they held the fate of peoples in their hands and that they could do with them as they wished came to a sticky end; for it is not human beings, however powerful, who direct the destiny of humanity, but higher entities who observe and intervene. There are intelligences in the universe, forces whose intentions often elude us. Thus even very powerful secret societies that thought they were going to rule the world weren’t able to do so, and most of them were brought down. Whereas the ideal of those who put themselves in service to the Lord, who wished to carry out his plans, never disappeared, even if they were often trampled underfoot and massacred. And this ideal has never disappeared, for God’s plans are always for humanity’s freedom, fulfilment and salvation.