Nothing gives them the right to show contempt for their parents

August 4th 2011
The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints that parents endeavour to pass on to their children are not always the best, I agree. But when children criticize their parents and behave in a harsh and insolent manner, is that a good attitude to have? No, it isn’t. Even if they find out one day that they cannot entirely trust their parents, it does not give them the right to show contempt. If they do not follow their parents’ example or continue to accept their philosophy, that is their right, but they must not reject them. And this rule also holds outside the family. Just because your opinion is different from someone else’s does not give you the right to reject them – on the contrary. If they are wrong in your eyes, it is an added reason for being kind and understanding towards them. But within the family, this rule is a must: even if they disagree with their parents, children should never stop respecting and loving them.