Spiritual work

How spirit works on matter

November 30th 2016
Spiritual work involves giving our spirit power over the matter within us, and as soon as we decide to undertake such work, we have to distinguish between the two poles in our being that are spirit and matter. We start taking a distance from ourselves, and gradually we not only realize that the thoughts and feelings with which we are able to do this work are merely instruments at our service, but we also become aware that our true self exists well beyond our actions, our feelings and our thoughts. Taking a distance from ourselves, however, does not mean departing from ourselves. Far from abandoning the self from which we take a distance, we keep it well within our sight, and when we have lifted ourselves up to the divine world using our thinking as an instrument, we come back down to better direct it and refine its matter. Again, we take a distance, and again we come in closer, each time bringing back more power and more light.