That we can become, for the heavenly entities and for the lord

December 6th 2016
Every day we eat. But don’t be shocked if I tell you that we are also food for other entities. The entities of light take our good thoughts, our good feelings, and everything in us that is inspired by wisdom and love, and feed on it. They see us as trees producing flowers and fruit. When they come to pick them, they don’t break our branches, but water us and tend us, so that we may produce even more succulent fruit. But there are also dark entities, demons. They too need food, and they seek out human beings whose evil intentions and feelings are exquisite food for them; and so they rob them of all their energy, leaving them exhausted. There is nothing worse than being devoured by dark spirits, and nothing is more beneficial than serving as food for heavenly entities. And so initiates tell us that we should offer ourselves up each day to the Lord for him to feed on us. This image serves to show us that humankind’s spiritual ideal is to be absorbed by the Lord so as to dwell in him.