Never prevent it from flowing

December 11th 2016
So many people who have been disappointed or hurt decide to close their heart to others once and for all! Well, that is the worst possible decision! However much you may suffer, never stop loving. For love in you is like a spring, and if you decide to stop it from flowing, you will be the first to dry up. Of course, no one will then be able to abuse you or disappoint you, but the waters of your spiritual spring will no longer flow, which means that you lose your life force. Yes, because when you allow your spring to run dry, the divine world closes itself to you and you become poor and empty. It is sometimes useful, from an educational point of view, to close yourself to someone for a time, so as to teach them a necessary lesson, but it is very harmful to close yourself to human beings in general. Whether people deserve it or not, allow the spring of love in you to flow. You will say that if they don’t deserve to be loved, it is fair not to love them. Don’t be so concerned about what is fair or unfair – practise this magnificent injustice that is love, otherwise you will become a desert!