The right to it: the application of a reality from the spiritual world

December 14th 2016
Sometimes we find truths of initiatic science in the form of rules or customs instituted by human beings. They don’t know their origin, but they respect them, at least under certain circumstances and at certain times. One example of this is the right of asylum. In ancient times, if a guilty person who was being pursued was able to enter the sanctuary of a divinity, they were under their protection and no one had the right to seize them. This custom still existed in the Middle Ages. In those days, churches served as refuges, which can still happen today. This tradition is based on knowledge from the spiritual life; if you can find refuge with God through your thoughts or your prayers, even if you are being chased by enemies within or without, you are safe. As long as you remain on high, on the peaks of the soul or the spirit, those in pursuit are kept at bay.