Philosopher’s stone

The elixir of immortal life, the universal panacea, the mirror and the magic wand

December 19th 2016
The philosopher’s stone, the elixir of immortal life, the universal panacea, the magic mirror and the magic wand are five symbols of the work disciples have to accomplish to be worthy of receiving initiation. When they change their selfish and petty thoughts and feelings into generous, disinterested ones, they are preparing the philosopher’s stone that transmutes base metals into gold. When they regenerate the cells in their body by living a pure life, they are distilling the elixir of immortal life. When they spread light and warmth around them, they are working with the universal panacea. When they have learned to project themselves up to the most elevated regions of the spiritual world, they receive messages from space, and things and beings reflect in their soul as in a magic mirror. Finally, when they have gained full mastery over themselves, they acquire the magic wand, which bestows all powers.