Our soul meeting the cosmic spirit, and our spirit meeting the universal soul

December 22nd 2016
Initiatic Science sees prayer as the meeting of our soul with the cosmic Spirit and our spirit with the cosmic Soul. These two meetings give our prayer its power. Those who think that praying means asking the Lord to give them all they need for their material comfort or peace of mind will certainly not be heard; moreover, they will never encounter the true dimensions of their deeper being. The meaning of prayer is to bring about the meeting between a spiritual principle within us and an entity in the universe of the same nature and complementary to it. The human soul – which is feminine – seeks the divine Spirit – which is masculine, and the human spirit – which is masculine – seeks the universal Soul – which is feminine. Our soul is fertilized by the cosmic Spirit, and our spirit fertilizes the universal Soul. It is through this union that we become creators in the world of light, and that is what prayer truly is.