Alone expresses the essence of the divine

December 23rd 2016
God’s presence can be felt, but we cannot say who God is. Even the greatest Initiates will not be able to tell you. And if you ask them, they will remain silent, for silence alone can express the essence of the Divine. Trying to express all that God is, is not enough, and saying what he is not, is not enough either. It is true to say that he is love, wisdom, power, justice... but these words fall short of divine reality – they capture nothing of his infinity, eternity and perfection. So we cannot know God by speaking of him or hearing others speak about him. The only way to know him is to go deep within so as to reach the place that is silence. Becoming silent is in a way becoming empty, and it is in that emptiness that we find fullness. In fact, in nature, emptiness doesn’t exist: whatever matter is removed is replaced by more subtle matter. When you are able to become silent within, that is, to control the noise and agitation of baser thoughts and feelings, the light of the spirit takes hold of you. And that very light is the divine presence.