Second birth

Building the spiritual body

December 26th 2016
The task for disciples of an initiatic teaching is to build their spiritual body, so that they can be born a second time. They have the idea – the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, perfection, heavenly harmony – and they now have to assemble the materials to construct the building. In fact, as soon as the idea is there, the materials will arrive by themselves. As soon as you have the idea, the plan, and it is displayed in your heart and in your soul, it draws from the cosmos all the necessary elements, which come and arrange themselves according to the blueprint already drawn or etched in it. All you need to do is keep the plan firmly in your soul and direct all your activities in accordance with it. This way, your spiritual body – the body of glory, the body of the Christ – takes form within you. What is known as the second birth is this building of the body of light that allows one to live and act in the spiritual plane.