Sight, clear

Is obtained by living a pure life

December 28th 2016
Insight can only be acquired through purity. The emphasis in our teaching is therefore on living a pure life, on the physical plane as well as on the psychic plane. A human being’s entire destiny depends on an ‘inner eye’ that sees clearly, and this clarity depends on their way of living. As soon as they act wrongly, as soon as they transgress divine laws, their spiritual insight diminishes, they are no longer receive warnings or guidance and they get lost down blind alleys. So it is up to each person to become aware of the relationship between their day-to-day behaviour and the clarity of their insight. Those who decide to live an upright, honest, noble life purify themselves and their subtle senses begin to function. Now, with the proper light and guidance they can return to the springs, prairies, lakes, pastures and mountains of their true homeland.